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How it works
1. The webmaster (you) fills in the registration form after clicking on 'Add site' link
2. 'Top Educational Websites' administrator manually approves every site submission
3. After site approval, account is activated and you receive an email with 'account' login data
4. On the 'edit account' page you can find banners and link codes
5. You can upload the code and/or banner to your site to receive additional points
6. Your site is ranked and visible on 'Top Educational Websites'

7. Your site has new targeted visitors coming from 'Top Educational Websites'
The number of your new vistors depends mainly on a position on our list (rank)
The more poins your site has, the more new visitors come to you

Questions and answers
- Will I get any new visitors if I decide to add my site?
- Yes, but the number of your new vistors depends mainly on the rank on our list. As long as you have our link/banner on your site and it's visible in an attractive part of your site, your site title and description are precise, then you will get traffic from our site.

- How much does it cost?
- Nothing. It's free for visitors and it's free for the webmaster to get listed.

- How can my site receive more points?
- Your site receives a point every time the link/banner to our site is clicked and you provide us with a new visitor. Our visitors can also give you a point by voting on your site.

- How often are the site statistics cleared?
- We reset votes and points statistics once a month.

- I've added my site but I'm not listed. Why is that?
- Every site submission is reviewed before being listed. After site approval you will receive an e-mail with instructions.

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